Committing to educate, warn & protect the general public
from scams & frauds, which negatively affect their life.

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For your actual needs...

We are committed to educate, warn & protect the general public from fraudulent scams & frauds perpetrated by criminal organizations. These crimes involved: phishing, securities frauds, wire fraud and money laundering. In the majority of cases, you will have first been contacted by phone and invited to invest in a highly profitable foreign shares, High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP) or Forex opportunities. You will always be told that a fast decision is required, otherwise you will miss out an "excellent investment opportunity".

Watch for the following signs and red flags:

Most of these frauds are "Ponzi" schemes. After Charles Ponzi, who ran such a large scheme in 1920. The Fraud claims that new investments are directly invested into the business venture and are, in reality used to pay out non-existent benefits to existing investors. Targets may be contacted by sales people or advertisements, but most of the time by phone or internet as an email or confidence-inspiring financial website.

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